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fandom_flies's Journal

the great fandom migration
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the lj exodus
Fandom. All of fandom. Not just HP fandom or SPN fandom or Japanese boy band fandom, but everyone. Anime fandom, comics fandom, video game fandom, movie fandoms, book fandoms, everyone.

Leave LJ.

We're working on that. ASAP, but there is a lot of organization and planning that needs to happen first. Current (and very tentative) goal is by the first of the year.

We're working on that, too. Again, a lot of organization and planning needs to go into that as well.

Six Apart is a company, and their goal is to make money. LJ is on their servers, and they have sole discretion over the content they choose to host. Good on them. It means, however, that any community with explicit content is vulnerable to suspension without prior warning.

Here's a quote from an LJ Abuse Prevention Team member on the recent unpleasantness:
As other, more recent entries in the community (news) explain, however, non-photographic content involving minors in sexual situations which does not contain serious artistic or literary merit is likely in violation of Federal obscenity laws, and is content LiveJournal has chosen not to host. (link)

So, LJ has placed themselves in the position of determining artistic or literary merit. On what standards? On their own standards, which are profit-driven. They have no reason to stand up for fandom, and fandom should not expect them to do so.

On top of that, their most recent lj_biz post makes it clear that they will consider any artistic representations of underage fictional characters engaged in sex "child pornography." This is not the legal definition of child pornography, they stated that the banned artists were not banned for child pornography, and yet this will be their policy moving forward. However, they have no plans to actually update their TOS to reflect this policy.

All it takes is one person who doesn't like what they see, or who doesn't like you. Someone saw some art they didn't like, complained, and LJ rolled over. Again, it is absolutely their right to do so. But what it means is that LJ is neither a safe nor welcoming place for fandom -- for any fandom.

We need to build a house, and we need to move. That's what this community is about.

Posting Guidelines

This is an open but moderated community. Anyone can post, and if it's on-topic, the post will likely be approved quickly. There are, however, a few rules.

  1. Think before you post. This comm has a lot of watchers. The situation is tense and paranoid as it is. If you hear some freaky rumour that pisses you off, try to verify it before you announce that the sky is falling. If you can't verify it, go ahead and post, but state that it is a rumour and ask if anyone can help. Once you've confirmed it or denied it, edit your post to reflect the new information.
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  3. No flames.