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For Everyone, (from fandom_action):

This all began with 6A/Livejournal's lack of reliability when it comes to the TOS. This is the open letter to Livejournal and Six Apart by bubble_blunder requesting (very eloquently, I might add) clarification of the TOS and other recent concerns. I suggest anyone who plans on keeping their livejournal and even anyone who doesn't to read it and sign if they agree. It can't hurt; After all, we might be here for another couple months. There are over sixteen pages of "signatures"; I just signed the seventeenth.

Especially regarding the United States, obscenity and copyright:

Here synecdochic writes the most important thing I've read regarding fandom this week. First of all, obscenity law in the USA doesn't care if the minor depicted in a sexual explicit situation actually exists. Last year John McCain introduced a bill to further lock down on "child pornography." One that would require any website, or "social network," supporting the suspected material to report it, and report all the real-world identities and ages of its users.

Rep. Steven Chabot (R-OH) has introduced a bill that strengthens copyright laws. This bill modifies existing laws to make it possible for you to be charged criminally for copyright infringement and increases the penalty for such infringements. While this law is mostly designed to help the RIAA and MPAA send people who use P2P networks to jail (and make more money), it could also be applied to the fandom world.

Because it could also result in 6A being held criminally liable for hosting what some might report as "illegal" fanfic and/or fanart, it is very important that this measure not be passed. If you click on the link below, there is a form you can fill out to automatically have your local politicians notified that you oppose this measure.

This is our first chance to act as a community for our rights. Lets make sure we stand up for what we believe in.


Both of these links are courtesy of ithiliana. More information can be found in their journal and at fandom_action. Even after we've moved to a new home, thankfully far, far away from 6A and their iffiness, these issues will still exist elsewhere, but we can begin preparing for and acting on them now.

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